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Tiny Style 2
Critical Condition
Dr. Realdoctor
Dr. Realdoctor 2
Whats up Doc?
The Prosthetic


  1. Sherry Parker

    Sherry Parker

    8 timmar sedan

    What did she say

  2. Sirène Noire

    Sirène Noire

    22 timmar sedan

    Western medicine be like: 6:06

  3. Qrow


    2 dagar sedan

    I don't remember this episode of House

  4. Alex-San :]

    Alex-San :]

    3 dagar sedan


  5. Rose Lagseng

    Rose Lagseng

    6 dagar sedan


  6. Alfie Mcginnity

    Alfie Mcginnity

    7 dagar sedan

    Gods plan

  7. Alex Zinck

    Alex Zinck

    8 dagar sedan

    Theses got a little to extra

  8. Tippex


    10 dagar sedan

    Okay. The wishes segment at 2:23 is HOW YOU DO DARK HUMOUR. Chilling and scary yet still a joke at heart.

  9. pickled dick eater 9000

    pickled dick eater 9000

    10 dagar sedan

    You can't kill a bacteriophage it can literally lift up 70 weightlifters at least

  10. goose


    11 dagar sedan

    3:45 there it is

  11. Suleman Khan

    Suleman Khan

    12 dagar sedan

    Those are phage virus they are used for curing bacterial infection.

  12. Gather Fapon

    Gather Fapon

    12 dagar sedan

    3:17 caption that

  13. Paul Nester

    Paul Nester

    14 dagar sedan

    0:46 Were those bacteriophages? Because those only harm bacteria

  14. Ike Tillottson

    Ike Tillottson

    14 dagar sedan

    "THE FUCK YOU SAY" dude bro wtf🤣

  15. Malachi Dees

    Malachi Dees

    14 dagar sedan

    Internet city should watch this NOW.

  16. Emre Cikrikci

    Emre Cikrikci

    14 dagar sedan

    6:49 why would he take them all at once even if they were real?

  17. VR Lolathan

    VR Lolathan

    15 dagar sedan

    SON OF A BI-

  18. Sakellariou Dimitris

    Sakellariou Dimitris

    15 dagar sedan

    10:21 Seamus from Family Guy has a brother from another mother/father

  19. Christina July

    Christina July

    17 dagar sedan

    I have no clue how I got here, but I'm not mad about it

  20. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

    18 dagar sedan

    The bullet buster one Is just so sad and depressing.

  21. InfernoGaming_YT


    18 dagar sedan

    When you get cured from a virus by killing bacteriophage

  22. The_Nibble


    18 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: Tiny style actually beat up a bunch of bacteriophages which are little bacteria viruses but are too different to infect human cells.

  23. Striker Toast

    Striker Toast

    20 dagar sedan

    1:17 At this point give her back the tumors viruses and clot her bloodstream again

  24. Striker Toast

    Striker Toast

    20 dagar sedan


  25. Barnabás Tinka

    Barnabás Tinka

    20 dagar sedan

    Plz make a Szemelveisz Ignác parody to

  26. Benji not benny

    Benji not benny

    26 dagar sedan

    This is so funny

  27. Alva Alfredsson

    Alva Alfredsson

    27 dagar sedan

    5:35 i think they should get to know the females anatomy... it’s apparently painful af to give birth to a baby, but a grown a** man is able to squeeze trough her without any problem

  28. Carlos Koser

    Carlos Koser

    28 dagar sedan

    Wait so the Wishes one... He's out of his bed and the heart rate monitor is still attached? It's a minor thing but it's there!

  29. Sean Peacock

    Sean Peacock

    Månad sedan

    Wishes has got to be one of my favorites. 2:23

  30. Edward the number 2 engine on sodor

    Edward the number 2 engine on sodor

    Månad sedan

    3:19 😂😂😂😂

  31. Tristin Hursey

    Tristin Hursey

    Månad sedan

    Da fuk u say

  32. 4EYES


    Månad sedan


  33. 크락팥륵


    Månad sedan

    The doctor looks like Hanji Zoe

  34. lol !

    lol !

    Månad sedan

    pills don't work use more pills

  35. Roger Counts

    Roger Counts

    Månad sedan

    Careful what you wish for

  36. Th dricks

    Th dricks

    Månad sedan

    3:17: me whenever I see literally any bug ever

  37. tearful smiles

    tearful smiles

    Månad sedan

    "Real doctor 2" is literally the most accurate thing I've ever seen on C+H.

  38. chacho escalante

    chacho escalante

    Månad sedan

    9:00 savage af

  39. Mister Nobody

    Mister Nobody

    Månad sedan

    in tiny style those arent viruses thos are virus killers that help us they actually cured a terrbile disease in a old mans stomach they are call bacteriophages

  40. Hi :)

    Hi :)

    Månad sedan

    The Wishes one is hilariously dark

  41. The_Hunter2K19


    Månad sedan

    Ara ara

  42. Nova Satus

    Nova Satus

    Månad sedan

    I thought the kid would survive and complain that wrestling is fake



    Månad sedan

    I feel sorry for that baby... In Dr realdocter

  44. lance more

    lance more

    Månad sedan

    3:18 is my reaction to these.



    Månad sedan

    The characters must have the worst dental plan if all of their teeth are black.

  46. the real baboon toons

    the real baboon toons

    Månad sedan

    Sir bacteriophage are not harmful to humans in fact they can eliminate negative virus that pose a threat sorry I do love this show tho XD

  47. Yusoph Ismael

    Yusoph Ismael

    Månad sedan

    those are not virus they cannot even affect us those diamond shape virus

  48. Hunter Cortez

    Hunter Cortez

    Månad sedan

    I was really hoping the last doctor was gonna make Pinocchio

  49. Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Månad sedan


  50. Dogman TV

    Dogman TV

    Månad sedan

    how big she has blood?

  51. Obito Uchiha

    Obito Uchiha

    Månad sedan

    I want you to beat me to death wrestler hold up

  52. SpaceX 69

    SpaceX 69

    Månad sedan

    Dr Realdoctor is like the TF2 medic, but more sane.

  53. Moosh


    Månad sedan

    dr.realdocter did something a man dreams to do😅

  54. Strawberry_playz


    Månad sedan


  55. Roi Emo

    Roi Emo

    Månad sedan

    "Don't leave me hanging BRO"


    Månad sedan


  57. Bazooka Llama Productions

    Bazooka Llama Productions

    Månad sedan

    3:25 the philosophy of dr Kevorkian, VERY based man indeed. talking on the ethics of mortality itself. fascinating subject, would recommend researching him.

  58. Bazooka Llama Productions

    Bazooka Llama Productions

    Månad sedan

    i just love the bible, always full of great wisdom. some of my favorite passages are ✝️ deuteronomy 22:28-29 (women must marry their r''a''p''i''s''t) exodus 21:20-21 (a''l''l''o''w''s s''l''a''v''e''r''y and s''l''a''v''e b''e''a''t''i''n''g) leviticus 20:13 (o''r''d''e''r''s that all g''a''y p''e''o''p''l''e get p''u''t to d''e''a''t''h) the passover stories (god k''i''l''l''e''d innocent babies, for the c''r''i''m''e''s of the parents. technically counts as c0IIective puπi$hmeπ† under geneva convention) cains children (all of cains lineage became s''l''a''v''e''s, for the wr0ngd0ings of the father. again geneva convention) rhe premise of original sin (geneva convention. adam and eve ate the fruit, yet EVERYONE else gets puπi$hed. 🙄) the snakes losing their limbs (god ¢u®$ed all snakes to lose their limbs because satan †ri¢ked eve. once again. geneva convention. collective.) the "promised land" shit (the pr0mised land was given to the israelites.... as long as they kiIIed the existing inhabitants first...) the animal s@¢rifi¢e timothy 2:12 (i do not permit a woman to teach or hold authority over a man. she must be silent) the crusades (anyone who didnt c0nv3®t got kiIIed) the spanish inquisition (systematically searched europe for ANY n0nbelievers and †0®tu®ed them till they ¢0nve®ted) the salem witch trials (Bu®πed people @Iive for an impossible ¢®ime. ) pope nicholas the 5th, THE POPE HIMSELF, and around ten popes after hin after him started the transatlantic sI@ve trade, via a series of direct papal bulls. what do you say? wanna join us? ❤️✝️👌 PRAISED BE TO DE LAWDY LAWDY ✝️

    • Idiot_That_Animates


      25 dagar sedan


  59. Kory


    Månad sedan

    4:32 and thats why i don't wanna be a doctor

  60. Logesh K.A.

    Logesh K.A.

    Månad sedan

    yo, the last one gave me goosebumps..."WHOS NEXXTTTTT"

  61. Jonah Watson

    Jonah Watson

    Månad sedan


  62. canadian trains all day!!!

    canadian trains all day!!!

    Månad sedan

    what about the duges on the floor and the iv thing that says cocan and the nidles in that poor mans arms

  63. Ariho Aine

    Ariho Aine

    Månad sedan


  64. Mayra Ocampo

    Mayra Ocampo

    Månad sedan

    6:24 Dr Mario be like

  65. worcestershire sauce

    worcestershire sauce

    Månad sedan

    imagine being a a foetus and being held hostage before you're even born

  66. Demonxx Toure

    Demonxx Toure

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    I finally understand why she said bro

  68. Le Twat

    Le Twat

    Månad sedan

    Hol up she killed the super bacteria Which would have helped her in the virus situation

  69. Flickbur


    Månad sedan

    “The FUCK you say?” ALWAYS GETS ME😂

  70. HighfireBois


    Månad sedan

    Those viruses look an awful like the E. Coli from Rick and Morty

  71. fnaf boi

    fnaf boi

    Månad sedan

    3:19 best part of this video no cap

  72. Az Lok

    Az Lok

    Månad sedan

    09:20 "Don't leave me hanging bro." Welcome to ALABAMA.

  73. Tony Bordonaro

    Tony Bordonaro

    Månad sedan

    When is Harry the handsome butcher and Senior clean fist going to make a clean getaway?

  74. Rajiv


    Månad sedan

    Dont made me hanging bro.. What this means????

  75. Nicholas Wroblewski

    Nicholas Wroblewski

    Månad sedan

    i want the movie

  76. AussieTrain Gamer

    AussieTrain Gamer

    Månad sedan

    I love how the “real doctor” is hiding inside her womb and holding the premature baby a gunpoint

  77. Kyle G-Rover

    Kyle G-Rover

    Månad sedan

    Will Lil Jil ever get the recognition she deserves??? Will she ever receive thanks??? The world may never know

  78. Greg Hill

    Greg Hill

    Månad sedan

    Can you add a tank in your next video



    Månad sedan

    well there goes my docters apt tomarrow

  80. Luna


    Månad sedan

    I’m surprised I didn’t see Lab Results in this compilation

  81. Jathen VanFleet

    Jathen VanFleet

    Månad sedan

    the wrestler withe make a wish foundation always makes me supper uncomfortable Like i can handle the rest but that one always gets me.

  82. SyrinxPriest2112


    Månad sedan

    Good GOD the wrestler one. I figured I was emotionally prepared for these videos at this point

  83. G G

    G G

    Månad sedan

    Feel sorry for the wrestler 7:05 WTF?!

  84. chris s

    chris s

    Månad sedan


  85. Keep Looking Up

    Keep Looking Up

    Månad sedan

    The darkest Cyanide short stories... Haunted Hospital Special😷

  86. I'm very hungry

    I'm very hungry

    Månad sedan

    In the first one, the tiny person actually killed of the virus killers, so basically the viruses would now be more dangerous

  87. Raul Mirandà

    Raul Mirandà

    Månad sedan


  88. Raul Mirandà

    Raul Mirandà

    Månad sedan


  89. Raul Mirandà

    Raul Mirandà

    Månad sedan


  90. DooDooFloppa


    Månad sedan

    the first one was actually really wholesome

  91. Adelina


    Månad sedan


  92. Budstar Beats

    Budstar Beats

    Månad sedan

    Dude said we should talk to people with alive kids 😂😂😂

  93. Justin Espinzoza

    Justin Espinzoza

    Månad sedan

    Wait a bacteriophage isn't even harmful to humans tho it targets bacteria only

  94. Juju Babino

    Juju Babino

    2 månader sedan

    bro really crazy straws thats dumb

  95. Chicken nuggets taste good

    Chicken nuggets taste good

    2 månader sedan

    Tiny style lol

  96. SunnySideUp Brown

    SunnySideUp Brown

    2 månader sedan

    That wrestling one is VERY dark 😬

  97. FRISK


    2 månader sedan

    3:17 the fucking eyes LMAO

  98. Angela Rehberg

    Angela Rehberg

    2 månader sedan

    im cured it is gooing to be all right nodes nodes nodes what what are you dooing

  99. Mr Mars

    Mr Mars

    2 månader sedan

    3:18 that fucking face tho.

  100. its_o9ine


    2 månader sedan

    9:23 “don’t leave me hanging bro” . . . . *_WHAT?!_*