Cyanide & Happiness MEGA COMPILATION - #2

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Ladder Part 2
Ladder Part 3
Ladder Part 4
No Hands
Speed Racist
The Fire Whisperer
Public Speaking
The Restraining Order
The Delivery
Pizza Delivery
Special Delivery
Barbershop Quartet Hits On Girl From a Taxi
Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
Quarterly Report
The Tall Boys
The Tall Boys Visit the Doctor
The Tall Boys Hit the Town
The Tall Boys Go On A Date


  1. legendslayer 3057

    legendslayer 3057

    7 timmar sedan

    You goin to war against candada ah not such a good idea bud were i ah the top 10 for war strenght ah

  2. Lilsmurf


    12 timmar sedan

    speed racist went on for toooo long i had to get like a 3 week break to finish it

  3. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique

    Dag sedan

    13:15 BRUH WTF

  4. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique

    Dag sedan

    5:12 that went quickly disturbing LMFAOOO

  5. Shadow


    Dag sedan

    I just noticed the kid of ladder dad had an imprint of a ladder on his face. The bully must of hit his face, ouch. Also the tall boys had a happy ending which is nice.

  6. Aaron


    2 dagar sedan

    He cut him in haaaalf

  7. Kirito Kirigaya

    Kirito Kirigaya

    2 dagar sedan

    i can gitar no hand

  8. Shroomy Gaming

    Shroomy Gaming

    3 dagar sedan

    Stay away from my family Dom toretto: DID YOU SAY FAMILY

  9. bcgamerkid


    3 dagar sedan

    A kimono kdjddhxkkdg

  10. TheBuildingBro


    3 dagar sedan

    700th comment!!!!!

  11. Vero Alterations

    Vero Alterations

    4 dagar sedan

    2:09 We are witnessing the world's best mom, she would die just for her 2 Male family members to live on while humanity is burnt to a crisp

  12. Redwolf Maddox

    Redwolf Maddox

    4 dagar sedan

    Guitar with no hands 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Dominic Grifaldo

    Dominic Grifaldo

    4 dagar sedan

    The true hero was the mom

  14. James Piskorz

    James Piskorz

    6 dagar sedan

    Another ice cream for the little runt ( dead kid falls on him ) Oh my mistake sir! A round on ne

  15. Forrest Guptill

    Forrest Guptill

    6 dagar sedan

    I was wondering why the ad breaks were all about getting help with restraining orders, and then the restraining order bit came, it only made watching this compilation even better

  16. Ethen Meza

    Ethen Meza

    7 dagar sedan

    ah yes the ladders work just like in Minecraft they make a pocket of air if you place them down that's why they can breathe in space I'm jimmy Williams and I been a bad boy

  17. Sky Benz

    Sky Benz

    7 dagar sedan

    14:17 the cop in the left background, he is attacking another ....... cop

  18. JUICE


    7 dagar sedan

    29:53 "Congratulations! It's a girl!" LMAO OWIUBHOSBUFF

  19. Martin Bonilla

    Martin Bonilla

    8 dagar sedan

    He’s literally black from the waist down😂🔥

  20. Martin Bonilla

    Martin Bonilla

    8 dagar sedan

    YEOOO🔥😂😭🔥 the break up one!☠️ 😂😂😂

  21. Flutter Puff

    Flutter Puff

    8 dagar sedan

    Wait how are they breathing in space

  22. ladyblahblahist


    8 dagar sedan

    “he use to swing from the trees but now HE BURNS”

  23. Dany Mandy

    Dany Mandy

    8 dagar sedan

    20:04 lol this is LA

  24. Lancer your local shit poster

    Lancer your local shit poster

    9 dagar sedan

    Solar flare:gonna hit Ladder:it’s showtime

  25. m9nkeyman


    9 dagar sedan

    Has anyone else noticed that the 4 choir men go from no mustache to a full mustache

  26. mr.cherry


    9 dagar sedan

    20:14 toxic granny

  27. shadow hatory

    shadow hatory

    9 dagar sedan

    29:41 BRUH

  28. V Pteam

    V Pteam

    10 dagar sedan

    How are they breathing in space ladder 3

  29. cameron zero

    cameron zero

    11 dagar sedan

    The hobo round house always gets me, haha

  30. ALIAR


    11 dagar sedan

    Nice last one

  31. Big Cow Productions

    Big Cow Productions

    12 dagar sedan

    The teabagging gramma got me good

  32. Big Cow Productions

    Big Cow Productions

    12 dagar sedan

    15:49 Awwwww. It's former vice president joe biden

  33. Edrian_


    12 dagar sedan


  34. Psychological Disrespect

    Psychological Disrespect

    13 dagar sedan

    Bro on 22:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Kokushibo tsukiguni

    Kokushibo tsukiguni

    13 dagar sedan

    I love the ladder cinematic universe

  36. Alberto Scorfano

    Alberto Scorfano

    13 dagar sedan

    I.. I didn't know there was a Ladder part 4..

  37. mxshogun92


    14 dagar sedan


  38. Señor Sombrero Zombie

    Señor Sombrero Zombie

    14 dagar sedan

    2:46 I don’t even want to know how many moons and planets he just hit right there

  39. Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Ahsangamer 27 #4

    14 dagar sedan


  40. PapaGnerd


    15 dagar sedan

    is speed racist David from tomorrows nobodies??

  41. Nicholas Chana

    Nicholas Chana

    15 dagar sedan

    “And everyone else!” - Enthusiastic Dad

    • Lancer your local shit poster

      Lancer your local shit poster

      9 dagar sedan

      Son: -._-.

  42. Roey Ohaion

    Roey Ohaion

    15 dagar sedan

    Bernard is such a fucking chad

  43. Sandy Chen

    Sandy Chen

    16 dagar sedan

    This is so messed up

  44. Yolanda Castorena

    Yolanda Castorena

    16 dagar sedan

    Who else just wants a whole mega to be the ladder

  45. GrayNinja GrayNinja

    GrayNinja GrayNinja

    16 dagar sedan

    Did she say... family

  46. Keith Reynald Natividad

    Keith Reynald Natividad

    16 dagar sedan

    20:15 Tea bag

  47. It’s Noah’s animations

    It’s Noah’s animations

    17 dagar sedan

    Damm nazi

  48. poncu


    18 dagar sedan


  49. Afua Boadu

    Afua Boadu

    18 dagar sedan

    Lololololol!!! The ladder 🪜 one has me ☠️ !

  50. Predator Killer

    Predator Killer

    18 dagar sedan


  51. 2Cool4School


    18 dagar sedan

    19:48 get no scope B*TICH

  52. Jay Jean

    Jay Jean

    19 dagar sedan

    The person who stayed after he said bomb was a brave man

    • Natt Skapa

      Natt Skapa

      18 dagar sedan

      I think there is a difference between bravery and suicide

  53. Meriem Belaïdi

    Meriem Belaïdi

    19 dagar sedan

    23:06 omg that flip 😹🤣

  54. Atlas The Titan

    Atlas The Titan

    20 dagar sedan

    Okay, to fix the Exit sign problem, install a green ENTRANCE sign above the door

  55. Fs20 rp roblox

    Fs20 rp roblox

    20 dagar sedan

    0:52 I love how he says I will get my ladder

  56. Christine Lewis

    Christine Lewis

    20 dagar sedan


  57. gfaxy


    20 dagar sedan


  58. Marco Bernabe

    Marco Bernabe

    21 dag sedan

    This family is a ladder family

  59. Dan S

    Dan S

    21 dag sedan

    Cmom guys commercial after every.single.short..

  60. Dickingtonl1


    22 dagar sedan

    man the people at ExplosmEntertainment really know how to draw houses

  61. Jayden McPhatter

    Jayden McPhatter

    22 dagar sedan

    15:43 that’s actually a funny joke

  62. Cam Cai

    Cam Cai

    23 dagar sedan

    Did it say nigga at the beginning 😂😂

  63. Krykun


    23 dagar sedan

    18:36 can someone pls name the movie it’s my favorite childhood movie.

    • hollow skull

      hollow skull

      22 dagar sedan

      Lady and the Tramp

  64. TheCrazyKid


    23 dagar sedan

    What are you doing step ladder

  65. Matthew Naea

    Matthew Naea

    23 dagar sedan

    My fave part is 2:34

  66. That One Boi

    That One Boi

    24 dagar sedan

    “Fellatio’s, Italian restaurant.”

  67. That Candy Corn_Guy

    That Candy Corn_Guy

    24 dagar sedan

    29:34 that jacket is stronger then the suck of a black hole

  68. Zuwi Delmundo

    Zuwi Delmundo

    24 dagar sedan

    23:06 is the funny part

  69. Simon CAMM

    Simon CAMM

    25 dagar sedan


  70. weird fishy

    weird fishy

    25 dagar sedan

    1:48 why didn't she let them on the ladder she could have saved at least a few people

  71. FLASH MEME 9963

    FLASH MEME 9963

    26 dagar sedan

    5:13 damn

  72. Jitse Valkenburg

    Jitse Valkenburg

    27 dagar sedan

    Hey bro there is a video in you ads

  73. Rainbowfrog123


    28 dagar sedan

    The fact that he closes his eyes to bash his face against the book is kinda weird

  74. Sean Peacock

    Sean Peacock

    29 dagar sedan

    15:50 you forgot to put a presidential wig on the baby.

  75. Mr Skittle

    Mr Skittle

    29 dagar sedan

    9/11 be like: 2:09

  76. lee rath

    lee rath

    29 dagar sedan

    he did in fact flip when he saw it...

  77. sizzlefly “animations”

    sizzlefly “animations”

    Månad sedan

    5:51 how did auto generated captions get that?

  78. Illuminati aqi

    Illuminati aqi

    Månad sedan

    This channel makes millions reuploads and still ask you to donate your money to them

  79. What To Watch

    What To Watch

    Månad sedan

    13:30 wth is that 😂

  80. Harm326 bob 2.0

    Harm326 bob 2.0

    Månad sedan

    27:29 Looks like a cartoon 27:43

  81. BossieClover


    Månad sedan

    If i would get the artist job: ,,I don't get paid enough for this shit"

  82. Abdy I

    Abdy I

    Månad sedan

    15:34 is no one talking about how he turned into the rock

  83. cyber the animatronic fox

    cyber the animatronic fox

    Månad sedan

    He got his ladder to put his son's grades high.



    Månad sedan

    Can we get an F in the chat for Timtim

  85. james p

    james p

    Månad sedan


  86. Jairo C

    Jairo C

    Månad sedan

    I don't get the part of ladder cats land on there feet

  87. DanDCool


    Månad sedan

    7:30 Then i love killers and dictators ok

  88. DanDCool


    Månad sedan

    2:21 2:22 she sure did have to hold the ladder bruh And why not et ler orhers let otheres others there eaææ

  89. DanDCool


    Månad sedan

    0:53 E²

  90. Ezekiel Moore

    Ezekiel Moore

    Månad sedan

    The baby was born in Canada it’s just he hurried up and went to the USA so he shouldn’t be president 🤓🥸😎

  91. jbs110


    Månad sedan

    cant believe it went from headbuting a woodpecker to death to travelling to the edge of space with a ladder

  92. ꪮꪀii-ᥴꫝꪖꪀ


    Månad sedan

    If there was a ladder part 5 I would’ve cried

  93. philo mumpi

    philo mumpi

    Månad sedan

    This was on my birthday

  94. codeman7055


    Månad sedan

    Stopped at 17:39 can't finish watching if their going to continually bash on males.

  95. codeman7055


    Månad sedan

    The man gets beat up while the woman only gets a gun to her head, that's male sexist.

  96. Arshpreet Singh

    Arshpreet Singh

    Månad sedan

    In ladder 4, I guess you can say she was his… Step-ladder

  97. Emperor Norton Winks

    Emperor Norton Winks

    Månad sedan

    Ladder work is the hard but necessary process

  98. jhenrymd


    Månad sedan

    every body has been useing there ladders rong cra

  99. Minecat -AnisaPria-

    Minecat -AnisaPria-

    Månad sedan

    18:37 "Fellatio's Italian Restaurant"

  100. Minecat -AnisaPria-

    Minecat -AnisaPria-

    Månad sedan

    After "Speed Racist" a commercial with a black model popped up.