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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Mike Salcedo
Screenplay By: Mike Salcedo
Story By: Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker
Voice Actors:
Jackson: Mike Salcedo
Bird: Dave McElfatrick
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr
Character Design: Mike Salcedo
Background Art: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Animatic: Mike Salcedo, Chance Kubesh
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart


  1. Pink Ninja

    Pink Ninja

    12 timmar sedan

    Just unplug the phone

  2. issei hyoudo

    issei hyoudo

    Dag sedan

    That frickin bird!

  3. Tae Young Ahn

    Tae Young Ahn

    2 dagar sedan

    Our kitchen phone was a duck!

  4. JaxoLantern


    2 dagar sedan

    This bird is to smart for this mortal plane.

  5. critical fail1001

    critical fail1001

    3 dagar sedan

    This is exactly what happens when you buy Quentin Tarantino's pet bird...

  6. Veronica Otaku

    Veronica Otaku

    4 dagar sedan

    Back for my weekly phone call vid one of my top 3 for sure lmao

  7. Oh no

    Oh no

    4 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: these birds are called cocktails and are native to the Australians Plus i have one

  8. Balázs János Dominkó

    Balázs János Dominkó

    8 dagar sedan

    Of course he is angry at you, if you keep it in a Cage like that

  9. Jasrul Ridzuan

    Jasrul Ridzuan

    8 dagar sedan


  10. Jeremy Cortez

    Jeremy Cortez

    8 dagar sedan

    I have NO idea y. I love this one SOOOOO fuqin much.

  11. 0 Days Without Incident

    0 Days Without Incident

    9 dagar sedan

    Remember to feed your birb, otherwise, he will give you the phonecall from hell itself.

  12. BeeBoyPlayz_


    10 dagar sedan

    y did i let my pet bird watch this

  13. Adam Dahabra

    Adam Dahabra

    11 dagar sedan

    replacing a phone with a bird be like:

  14. Hugo_boi


    11 dagar sedan

    Aha so this is why my parents didn’t want me to have a pet bird...

  15. Zain Aman

    Zain Aman

    11 dagar sedan

    The bird had teeth

  16. Animetrash AMVs

    Animetrash AMVs

    11 dagar sedan

    My parakeet used to do sadistic shit all the fact is this based on a true story?

  17. Yashwant Patel

    Yashwant Patel

    11 dagar sedan

    Damm 😂😂

  18. Epic Black

    Epic Black

    12 dagar sedan

    This has become my go to stress ease.

  19. Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Ahsangamer 27 #4

    12 dagar sedan


  20. Ron C

    Ron C

    12 dagar sedan

    The way he pokes the bird is so cute. Lol.

  21. Duy Hứa

    Duy Hứa

    12 dagar sedan

    ? I dont understand

  22. Edrian_


    12 dagar sedan


  23. Ryan Gagnon

    Ryan Gagnon

    13 dagar sedan

    As a cockatiel owner this is straight fact

  24. Marinda space

    Marinda space

    14 dagar sedan

    So this house has no driveway?

  25. logic graficx

    logic graficx

    14 dagar sedan


  26. Darlemonte


    14 dagar sedan

    Okay this one is definitely one of the most original ones you've ever done and I fking love it, lmao.

  27. Ishida Gorou

    Ishida Gorou

    14 dagar sedan


  28. Just your average Minors

    Just your average Minors

    14 dagar sedan

    I laughed too hard at this, probably because I have a cockatiel of my own and I wouldn’t put it past him to do something like this

  29. Feifan


    15 dagar sedan

    jojo Diavolo😂😂

  30. Incognito


    15 dagar sedan

    "SEEDS!" "Kid Tested." "Bird Approved."

  31. Ameeka Shepherd

    Ameeka Shepherd

    15 dagar sedan

    Someone need to teach their cockatiel "slip Mr some seeds bro"

  32. Iridescent Monochrome

    Iridescent Monochrome

    15 dagar sedan

    This might actually be my favourite short.

  33. Ronelle Nel

    Ronelle Nel

    16 dagar sedan

    "Slip me some seeds, bro"

  34. MihaSith


    16 dagar sedan

    Without blm life is perfect!

  35. YouNeedHealing


    16 dagar sedan


  36. Dylan


    16 dagar sedan

    I like that the phone just automatically falls slip off and hangs up after a few minutes. A phone that automatic hangs up on poeple

  37. toasty chimp

    toasty chimp

    17 dagar sedan

    0:17 doppio type beat

  38. elizabeth noyb

    elizabeth noyb

    17 dagar sedan

    cockatiels do be like that sometimes

  39. Daniel Rendon

    Daniel Rendon

    17 dagar sedan

    If I had a bird it would just say swear words and scream

  40. Wolfe 7276

    Wolfe 7276

    18 dagar sedan

    I actually have a cockatiel and he is evil like this one

  41. CubecAnimations


    18 dagar sedan

    My phone all day.

  42. Sandy Chen

    Sandy Chen

    18 dagar sedan

    It’s just a parrot man

  43. nick solis

    nick solis

    18 dagar sedan

    0:04 (answers the phone) Me: hello?

  44. Vortex0808


    19 dagar sedan

    As a bird owner, of multiple birds, including my rat bird with rosy cheeks. This is factual

  45. DBurner9


    19 dagar sedan


  46. dobby mills

    dobby mills

    20 dagar sedan

    Torrent leechers be like..

  47. Blast


    20 dagar sedan

    0:23 t The best place1

  48. Claus DK

    Claus DK

    20 dagar sedan

    We need a part 2 👍😁

  49. Y _u_so_dumb

    Y _u_so_dumb

    21 dag sedan


  50. ZX


    21 dag sedan

    This is just pure gold! 😂

  51. Just some guy can draw in 20Secs

    Just some guy can draw in 20Secs

    21 dag sedan

    I've just realize the Evil Laugh of the parrot is of the one Evil parrot laugh I watch.

  52. Ceramic tile

    Ceramic tile

    22 dagar sedan

    I wonder what the real phone call is. Maybe about his car's extended warranty

  53. Mehrab's Adventures

    Mehrab's Adventures

    22 dagar sedan

    It's like after 0:45 they realized parrots don't have teeth I love it!

  54. MiiKasar


    23 dagar sedan

    0:30 ~~~~~~~~

  55. phanfinger


    23 dagar sedan

    That was pretty unexpected

  56. Dr. Grizwald

    Dr. Grizwald

    24 dagar sedan

    Not gonna lie, they really went out with the comedy and dark humor on this one

  57. romm1el


    24 dagar sedan

    0:49 wuewuewuewuewuewue

  58. Benedikt Wenisch

    Benedikt Wenisch

    24 dagar sedan

    this is by far the most hilarious short i've seen for a long time, can't stop laughing

  59. kalyan chakravarthi

    kalyan chakravarthi

    25 dagar sedan

    He's high on seeds.. That's obvious.

  60. no way

    no way

    25 dagar sedan

    been waiting for a good one like this

  61. The Sorrow

    The Sorrow

    25 dagar sedan


  62. Erick


    25 dagar sedan

    holy shit this was creative and hilarious!!!!

  63. Eternal Abyss

    Eternal Abyss

    26 dagar sedan

    Every time my phone rings, there's a 50% chance it's my mate is dying to say gimme some seeds bro

  64. Alfred Soul

    Alfred Soul

    26 dagar sedan

    Edgar Allan Poe would be proud.

  65. Metal-Max1991


    27 dagar sedan

    Seeeeeeeeeds lalalalalalalalalalala

  66. Jimothy Snooker

    Jimothy Snooker

    27 dagar sedan

    I have a friend I play games with and every time he talks his bird is screaming in the background. it's well taken care of my friend spoils it but it had a previous owner that was abusive somehow so now I guess it never stops shouting. I couldn't handle it lol

  67. UncleZeiv


    27 dagar sedan

    I recognized Mike Salcedo's style in this one

  68. Craigempson


    28 dagar sedan

    A true masterpiece.

  69. Vox Martyr

    Vox Martyr

    28 dagar sedan

    This is a masterpiece

  70. Aaron Rawago

    Aaron Rawago

    28 dagar sedan

    Seeeeeeeeds alalalalalalal!!!😂😂

  71. Chill Banana

    Chill Banana

    29 dagar sedan

    When the bird had gamer moves

  72. welderforlife


    29 dagar sedan

    0:28 your welcome

  73. Phantom


    29 dagar sedan

    What the heck...😂

  74. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez

    29 dagar sedan

    Maan I can’t help to come back to this one. I love it!!! 😝 is

  75. Dr.R1nzler


    Månad sedan

    this needs a sequel i cant stop watch it.

    • stats


      24 dagar sedan

      Unfortunately, the guy's boss from the episode "cooking for the boss" ate the parrot.

  76. ItsChase


    Månad sedan

    It‘a not paranoia if the bird did it.

  77. silvercheetah92


    Månad sedan

    00:34 makes phone noises when poked

  78. Webberjo


    Månad sedan

    Haha, you used the evil bird laugh.

  79. Das Moep

    Das Moep

    Månad sedan

    I can't stop watching this. Please help me, I'm stuck!

  80. anothersquid


    Månad sedan

    So someone on the Explosm team definitely has a parrot or two...

  81. Novaflare


    Månad sedan

    good thing the guy is having his boss over for dinner next week

  82. The Real Quotation Mark

    The Real Quotation Mark

    Månad sedan


  83. Luciano Kluivert

    Luciano Kluivert

    Månad sedan

    When he looked at the bird And pressed it's chest.. I LOST MY MIND.. 😂

  84. the real noahsnoah

    the real noahsnoah

    Månad sedan

    S E E D S

  85. RoShamBo


    Månad sedan


  86. Arikan Celikok

    Arikan Celikok

    Månad sedan

    Don’t know which is more concerning, the man being schizophrenic or the parrot being an evil genius

  87. Kyle


    Månad sedan

    Plot twist: He is blind and couldn't tell that his phone is a bird.

    • zahid khan

      zahid khan

      29 dagar sedan


  88. Ramqa


    Månad sedan


  89. big smoke

    big smoke

    Månad sedan

    My new favorite video

  90. Kirbö Mäins

    Kirbö Mäins

    Månad sedan

    That villainous fucking bird

    • Kirbö Mäins

      Kirbö Mäins

      Månad sedan

      Villainy 100

  91. unexpected me

    unexpected me

    Månad sedan

    0:21 hes laughing

  92. Keith Perdue

    Keith Perdue

    Månad sedan

    This is among the very best these warpos have done!

  93. Hyswell Cool

    Hyswell Cool

    Månad sedan

    Well, that's a foldable phone ✌️

  94. parker10551


    Månad sedan

    My African grey would do this shit lmao. Love it

  95. P0IS0N


    Månad sedan


  96. The Indoraptor

    The Indoraptor

    Månad sedan

    I remember when I was a mini chonker and went to this one relative's house from time to time (family, not alone) with my parents. The family had a moderately large parrot (yellow as well, I think) and it was very loud. I was actually terrified of it at the time. I think he is no longer with us now though. I don't go to that family's house with my family much anymore.

  97. Mae


    Månad sedan

    This skit has got to be my favorite. There's no violence or death, just ominous birb.

  98. AMIR PIE


    Månad sedan

    This is so funny 🤣🤣

  99. DarklwXD


    Månad sedan

    As a bird owner i can cofirm they do anything for seeds even escaping the cage (yes they smart)

  100. Roger Counts

    Roger Counts

    Månad sedan

    What people dont know is that parrots are extremely social creatures and require a TON of attention and care... unless you get 2. It is actually easier to take care of 2 than 1