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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Dave McElfatrick
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr
Intro Animation: Paul Blair
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
Voice Actors:
Joel Watson - Son
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart


  1. Ntsikelelo Namba

    Ntsikelelo Namba

    Dag sedan

    Am I the only one that was confused by the thumbnail?

  2. Lyric Wymer

    Lyric Wymer

    3 dagar sedan

    I made that joke in my head when I saw the title

  3. Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Månad sedan


  4. Chibi Gaming

    Chibi Gaming

    Månad sedan

    So swapping out a hip made him younger and cooler. Neat

  5. Yash B.

    Yash B.

    Månad sedan

    The dad became a "hipster"

  6. Pixellurtle


    Månad sedan


  7. CarterDoesStuff


    Månad sedan

    I knew that was gonna happen

  8. Tasty Cola

    Tasty Cola

    Månad sedan

    lol i like this comics

  9. Ron C

    Ron C

    Månad sedan

    Love these short, sweet, simple (SSS) shorts. :)

  10. Henry TheGreatAmerican

    Henry TheGreatAmerican

    Månad sedan

    Okay, this one was really stupid and should be removed from the classic vault. I gave it a thumbs down on all three of my youtube accounts.

  11. Itsfinecraft Channel

    Itsfinecraft Channel

    Månad sedan

    is it weird that the first thing i thought was that before actually thinking that it would be a hip surgery

  12. Jonathan Marks

    Jonathan Marks

    Månad sedan

    Luie i am your father

  13. Jeremy Dean

    Jeremy Dean

    Månad sedan

    But what happened to his father?…



    Månad sedan

    Is your age bothering you? I’LL CUT IT IN HALF!!!!!

  15. ZX


    2 månader sedan

    Short and simple! 😂

  16. Dank2015


    2 månader sedan

    f i r e

  17. Eliomar Batista dos Santos

    Eliomar Batista dos Santos

    2 månader sedan

    Hj Gay 👩🏻👦🏼

  18. hey thitherth

    hey thitherth

    2 månader sedan

    i cant tell if its a good or a bad thing that i knew what the joke was gonna be before i even watched the video

  19. Xonify


    2 månader sedan

    dude imagine if they made a discord server

  20. Catalin Nicanov

    Catalin Nicanov

    2 månader sedan

    But, is he also hop?

  21. Ray Martinez

    Ray Martinez

    2 månader sedan

    It’s actually not recommended that elderly have hip replacements, their bodies can’t take it

  22. Shark Dentures

    Shark Dentures

    2 månader sedan

    Alright, I'll admit, THIS time I didn't see it coming! Bravo C&H!

  23. Police Cooler

    Police Cooler

    2 månader sedan

    456th comment

  24. Jeremy Clayton

    Jeremy Clayton

    2 månader sedan

    Please blow this message up. A channel with the name @dirtyjokes11 on tik tok is taking all the credit for cyanide and happiness. I love this channel and i respect it. I watched since they started.

    • Jeremy Clayton

      Jeremy Clayton

      Månad sedan

      @Quartz Skull i did. They still blocked me

    • Quartz Skull

      Quartz Skull

      Månad sedan

      Why not report them

    • Jeremy Clayton

      Jeremy Clayton

      2 månader sedan

      They blocked me from tik tok for defending cyanide and happiness

  25. Dert


    2 månader sedan

    Uh clickbait?

  26. ButterMan


    2 månader sedan

    I thought they did a surgery that made him hip but now I realize they replaced him entirely

  27. A Hassan

    A Hassan

    2 månader sedan

    I thought he transformed his dad like a makeover. But he killed his dad instead :(

  28. ꧁🌹choco bunny UwU🌹꧂

    ꧁🌹choco bunny UwU🌹꧂

    2 månader sedan

    I realize that was probably supposed to be a pun lol

  29. No _ Name

    No _ Name

    2 månader sedan


  30. Hyper kun

    Hyper kun

    2 månader sedan


  31. Ali Humaydan

    Ali Humaydan

    2 månader sedan

    That entery is so bad.

  32. Gurbir Kalsi

    Gurbir Kalsi

    2 månader sedan

    Did anyone else notice the son's legs get a bit longer when he started to talk?

  33. vCKv Dynamite

    vCKv Dynamite

    2 månader sedan

    That thumbnail looks sus

  34. S- Tale

    S- Tale

    2 månader sedan

    23 hours ago. Hell yeah I'm an hour early before a day later.



    2 månader sedan

    wowww.. pretty fast huh? *"I don't care!!!"* (riddle me this) 👆🏾

  36. Jaime Jimenez

    Jaime Jimenez

    2 månader sedan

    Wow fountain of youth much?

  37. The kill count guy

    The kill count guy

    2 månader sedan

    I'm not going to add all the big kills to mush

  38. The kill count guy

    The kill count guy

    2 månader sedan

    293 or 294 or 292 kills or deaths all episodes...

  39. chickensaltchips


    2 månader sedan

    Sure he might be more hip, but he's nowhere near as *sick!*

  40. MC Dexpo

    MC Dexpo

    2 månader sedan

    Saw that punchline coming from a mile away, but I still laughed...

  41. Zamira castillo Salazar

    Zamira castillo Salazar

    2 månader sedan

    a joking hazard: me: dad error use h? my dad: yes me: thanks my dad: no problem hector :p

  42. Sionecle


    2 månader sedan

    yooooo purgatony season 2 when ????

  43. Giovanni Omin

    Giovanni Omin

    2 månader sedan


  44. Garbage Aim

    Garbage Aim

    2 månader sedan

    What is that thumbnail? XD

  45. BoltThrower321


    2 månader sedan

    Thats a dad bad....sooooooo baaaad !

  46. Aiden Rj

    Aiden Rj

    2 månader sedan


  47. Aiden Rj

    Aiden Rj

    2 månader sedan


  48. Aiden Rj

    Aiden Rj

    2 månader sedan


  49. Aiden Rj

    Aiden Rj

    2 månader sedan


  50. Aiden Rj

    Aiden Rj

    2 månader sedan


  51. N0mad_Noob


    2 månader sedan


  52. why creepy

    why creepy

    2 månader sedan

    F*** Samsu‌ng

  53. foofoo3344


    2 månader sedan

    Oh! That kind of hip!

  54. Jacob W Williams [M]

    Jacob W Williams [M]

    2 månader sedan

    I assume he got double hip replacement

  55. NowXvr


    2 månader sedan


  56. Awashnut


    2 månader sedan

    clickbait much?

  57. Kaan Çakır

    Kaan Çakır

    2 månader sedan


  58. Sanjay Pandey

    Sanjay Pandey

    2 månader sedan

    I love how the thumbnail has literally nothing to do with the video.

  59. Matthewシ


    2 månader sedan

    So his dad is hip but grows old

  60. Alucard Voltaire

    Alucard Voltaire

    2 månader sedan

    I feel cheated I expected barf

  61. -Chavoosh -

    -Chavoosh -

    2 månader sedan


  62. Gangsta Shots

    Gangsta Shots

    2 månader sedan

    How Fortnite players are before transitining games: 0:08 How Fortnite players are after transitining games: 0:15

  63. Yherz TV

    Yherz TV

    2 månader sedan

    Wait, then whats the point of the vomit

  64. Lucinda


    2 månader sedan

    i got the joke 5 minutes after watching

  65. CeLeb144


    2 månader sedan

    That's how the Mafia works.

  66. Rondo Cat

    Rondo Cat

    2 månader sedan

    This is one of the few times actually managed to predict where the joke would go ;)

  67. któś kto lubi cyanide and happiness

    któś kto lubi cyanide and happiness

    2 månader sedan


  68. Machine gun Cat

    Machine gun Cat

    2 månader sedan

    That’s pretty hip

  69. Victor Ragnov

    Victor Ragnov

    2 månader sedan

    Dang clickbaited

  70. Koalinho :P

    Koalinho :P

    2 månader sedan

    Oh no they are starting to clickbait us

  71. Crippling Depression

    Crippling Depression

    2 månader sedan


  72. Odd _pistachio1

    Odd _pistachio1

    2 månader sedan

    A clever pun? I approve.



    2 månader sedan

    at first i thought it physically

  74. Themoty Español

    Themoty Español

    2 månader sedan


  75. Coffee Music Official

    Coffee Music Official

    2 månader sedan

    I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. I love you 💋

  76. GMG


    2 månader sedan

    Year 3021 Doctor: yea, you're basically immortal due to modern medicine...

  77. Thierry Boulette

    Thierry Boulette

    2 månader sedan

    that video thumbnail is 🤢:D

  78. Dante Arius

    Dante Arius

    2 månader sedan

    me waiting for the after credits scene where the grandpa pukes like (☞゚∀゚)☞ ...

  79. Doughy the Kid

    Doughy the Kid

    2 månader sedan

    Why is he throwing up in the thumbnail 😂

  80. Nick Ferrazza

    Nick Ferrazza

    2 månader sedan

    The same thing happened to me once.

  81. The Gaming Tree

    The Gaming Tree

    2 månader sedan

    This is wholesome in some way

  82. Joseph Zander

    Joseph Zander

    2 månader sedan

    Y was the thumbnail the old man vomiting?

  83. Oh yea Mr. Krabs

    Oh yea Mr. Krabs

    2 månader sedan

    when you buy money in a game to level up instead of grinding:

  84. XavierStorytime


    2 månader sedan

    I get it. He’s much more “hip”.

  85. Joshua Villalva

    Joshua Villalva

    2 månader sedan

    I feel slightly decieved by the thumbnail

  86. whYLiE09


    2 månader sedan

    Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better short...



    2 månader sedan

    Look like dad replacement to me

  88. Mon T

    Mon T

    2 månader sedan

    Wait, theres a hip replacement for old people? No joke im just curious

  89. Sean Hannan

    Sean Hannan

    2 månader sedan

    But if he was giving HIM a hip replacement, then shouldn't the son have left to give his dad a better son?

  90. PitchBlackBlade


    2 månader sedan

    it took you a whole week to animate that ? bruh

  91. OchiDO


    2 månader sedan

    This shit is not funny

  92. Diego Ramos

    Diego Ramos

    2 månader sedan

    Ok Why your look Like 😎👨‍🦳

  93. ElQuark0


    2 månader sedan

    So the thumbnail is completely false clickbait?

  94. Karl Cassar

    Karl Cassar

    2 månader sedan

    im wondering how do they come up with these ideas in their head

  95. Donni luukTi

    Donni luukTi

    2 månader sedan

    Could use more characters

  96. JTM 610

    JTM 610

    2 månader sedan

    Dafuq is this thumbnail

  97. Leston Yearwood

    Leston Yearwood

    2 månader sedan


  98. Rigel Arndt

    Rigel Arndt

    2 månader sedan

    Yep. Exactly what I was expecting

  99. Deuce Sommerfeld

    Deuce Sommerfeld

    2 månader sedan

    I read the title. I made my assumption. I am not disappointed.

  100. HilaRIocitii


    2 månader sedan

    i actually liked this short