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The Homestead
The Punishement
The Family Man
Thats It
Rainy Day
The Decision
Shark Dad


  1. BarbiqueRibs


    18 timmar sedan

    When your dad is better than your mom

  2. PieDem


    Dag sedan

    The clouds r buts lol

  3. Bestchoice93


    Dag sedan

    *Young boi cry’s* Cc:laughter

  4. Isaiah The Gamer

    Isaiah The Gamer

    Dag sedan


  5. Trollge


    2 dagar sedan

    WTF. Did I watch!???!

  6. Clack Tloc

    Clack Tloc

    3 dagar sedan


  7. Clack Tloc

    Clack Tloc

    3 dagar sedan

    Oh..jonathan your father sucks

  8. silent slayer

    silent slayer

    4 dagar sedan

    The scene where the guy got so lonely he dressed up as his entire family reminds me of when in fallout a man was trapped in a vault by him self and witha. Box of puppets and became the world's most dangerous social path both pre and after the great war

  9. Metal Guy

    Metal Guy

    4 dagar sedan

    14:12 Your whalecum

  10. Shea Jerke

    Shea Jerke

    5 dagar sedan

    The first one seems like attack on titan

  11. kissitgoodbye


    5 dagar sedan

    What is it pop bandits a twister?!?! (Its..tumble butts....)

  12. Aubrianna perez blaskowsky 2

    Aubrianna perez blaskowsky 2

    5 dagar sedan

    Me watching homestead : 😟🤢🤮😂😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. Ahsangamer 27 #4

    Ahsangamer 27 #4

    6 dagar sedan


  14. Sheriff Woody

    Sheriff Woody

    6 dagar sedan

    Shark Dad deserved better

  15. Finalminer1


    7 dagar sedan

    im not gonna lie, tumblebutts has to be one of my favorite things, especially the music

  16. The Terraria Mage

    The Terraria Mage

    7 dagar sedan

    At 11:55 is the most accurate one yet

  17. Phillip Reiss

    Phillip Reiss

    7 dagar sedan

    I’m sad about the first one

  18. Mikmin15


    8 dagar sedan

    Homestead ost pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  19. Sol Perdue

    Sol Perdue

    8 dagar sedan

    I lowkey cried

  20. Ansleigh Xian Adaro

    Ansleigh Xian Adaro

    9 dagar sedan

    The number of comments oh my god ima change that!!

  21. Engineer Gaming

    Engineer Gaming

    9 dagar sedan

    ive got a line from tf2 engineer for the kid in shark dad animation : you low down scoudrel - tf2 engineer



    9 dagar sedan

    Bumbleweeds would be better than tumble butts just sayin

  23. Markarth Guard

    Markarth Guard

    9 dagar sedan

    How did they get out in homestead if he locked it from the outside…

  24. The Fluffy Bean

    The Fluffy Bean

    9 dagar sedan

    To be serious tumble weeds in real life can FUCK YOU UP



    10 dagar sedan

    Nobody gonna mention that the car is changing gears while reversing

  26. Potato Man

    Potato Man

    10 dagar sedan

    Everyone cried during the homestead short, we all know.

  27. Don't Care

    Don't Care

    10 dagar sedan

    What's the song for the first one?

  28. Ghastgamer 64

    Ghastgamer 64

    10 dagar sedan

    How many other people feel bad for the clown in the barrel?

  29. Occi dere

    Occi dere

    10 dagar sedan

    The reason Kilgore is so powerful is because he is from a higher dimensional plane, the 3rd dimension

  30. 😭


    10 dagar sedan

    The first one thooo 🥲

  31. G.I. Geno

    G.I. Geno

    10 dagar sedan

    My Dad is gonna love these skits when he gets back from getting cigarettes

  32. Kakashi


    10 dagar sedan

    Ah, crappy, unsettling bull CGI. My favorite.

  33. シJokage . Edits

    シJokage . Edits

    11 dagar sedan

    I love hearing children scream while their dad is slowly losing his sanity.



    11 dagar sedan

    So diabolic i use to like this but the more u look at it as it is

  35. spycrab


    12 dagar sedan

    4:00 21st century humor be like:

  36. Kelvin9057


    12 dagar sedan

    7:50 “His heart is broken and lost his whole family” ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”

  37. Big Cow Productions

    Big Cow Productions

    14 dagar sedan

    7:59 I feel this.

  38. Tyson Webb

    Tyson Webb

    14 dagar sedan

    This video made me laugh because the man is on the glitchy bull 3:59

  39. XrinaDaDjCat


    14 dagar sedan

    0:06 I need to know the sound track

  40. Alikethree4 memes

    Alikethree4 memes

    14 dagar sedan

    God this is fucking cursed

    • Not Your Average Pegasi

      Not Your Average Pegasi

      14 dagar sedan

      Don't swear

  41. Jeffrey Madrid

    Jeffrey Madrid

    14 dagar sedan

    Bro pause at 9:34 ….

  42. Whoz Missing

    Whoz Missing

    15 dagar sedan

    9:24 My guy should've played monoply

  43. Xxnumberpup


    15 dagar sedan

    Cow went in creative mode

  44. James Golden

    James Golden

    15 dagar sedan

    Let's all have a moment of silence for those who gave their lives to save others, in the tumblebutt stampedes.

  45. Cameron Dehm

    Cameron Dehm

    15 dagar sedan

    8:40 legend has it he still driving backward 😂

  46. O-5 Council

    O-5 Council

    15 dagar sedan

    Which piece of music was used in the homestead?

  47. xx_ANX1ETY_xx


    16 dagar sedan

    That is probably the most cursed bull ive ever seen lol

  48. Crimson_Gatcha_Dragoons


    16 dagar sedan

    The first one feels like the start of a movie

  49. Matteo Cavalli

    Matteo Cavalli

    17 dagar sedan

    The music is 🔥

  50. Zahir Jones

    Zahir Jones

    17 dagar sedan


  51. RandomMasacist


    17 dagar sedan

    This was a change from the humor

  52. Lucas sky Walker

    Lucas sky Walker

    17 dagar sedan

    The cow use hacks ban the cow

  53. biking n some other stuff

    biking n some other stuff

    18 dagar sedan

    Poor shark dad/rad

  54. Spicy Bolt

    Spicy Bolt

    18 dagar sedan

    Some say the father in homestead still rolls these days in the great mountains and the countries.



    18 dagar sedan

    10:47 It's the "calm before the storm" as they say..

  56. Mavrick Miranda channel

    Mavrick Miranda channel

    18 dagar sedan

    I want to see part 2 of tumbel batts I think the son going to save here Father or he going to kill all tumbel batts 🤔

  57. TheCompletelyRandom101


    19 dagar sedan


  58. Toons


    19 dagar sedan

    Cyandie and happiness should be a tv show

  59. zombie 13

    zombie 13

    19 dagar sedan

    I feel so bad for shark dad fr😭

  60. lawrence lafoga

    lawrence lafoga

    20 dagar sedan

    Tumble buts


    21 dag sedan


  62. Scqrs


    22 dagar sedan

    i wanna see killgore’s parents like are they also fucked up or are they normal

  63. Checkmate


    22 dagar sedan

    The Homestead reminded me of The Lion King in the stampede

  64. Ultimate J Mega

    Ultimate J Mega

    22 dagar sedan

    I f-EEL bad for Shark Dad.

  65. Nwth


    22 dagar sedan

    Tumblebutts is sad

  66. Emily Jones

    Emily Jones

    23 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: The command to murder the father's son was part of the cardboard sword fight

  67. Pizza Carter

    Pizza Carter

    23 dagar sedan

    It’s a shame that ladder dad couldn’t make it into the compilation

  68. ManRay


    23 dagar sedan

    That poor little clown

  69. khair n

    khair n

    23 dagar sedan

    05:54 the kid: *cries the subtitle: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. kidoh 24

    kidoh 24

    24 dagar sedan

    0:04 eren yeager as a dad

  71. TheIrex10


    24 dagar sedan

    Honestly Tumble-butts was such an emotional story. Gets me to tear up whenever I see it.

  72. Jaden Cortes

    Jaden Cortes

    25 dagar sedan

    5:26, how it feels to chew 5 gum 5 gum, simulate your senses

  73. hlengiwe lukhele

    hlengiwe lukhele

    25 dagar sedan

    There is a glitch or virus on your animation

  74. Kayleigh King

    Kayleigh King

    25 dagar sedan

    The fist one is cool his son is a tumble but killer now

  75. FLASH MEME 9963

    FLASH MEME 9963

    26 dagar sedan

    1:08 you know that animation is good and sad story but when I see the butt it's ruin it but it's good

  76. Alejandra Trejo

    Alejandra Trejo

    26 dagar sedan

    9:47 M U R D E R Y O U R S O N

  77. adil mahmood

    adil mahmood

    26 dagar sedan


  78. Waffler


    27 dagar sedan

    The 3rd one minds me of a channel called bosh

  79. Sean Peacock

    Sean Peacock

    28 dagar sedan

    was Kilgore programed by Bethesda? I guess it just works.

  80. Da fake tbag

    Da fake tbag

    28 dagar sedan

    *Killgore is lagging*

  81. Andros Schmirnov Blanco

    Andros Schmirnov Blanco

    29 dagar sedan


  82. Michael Gbala

    Michael Gbala

    29 dagar sedan

    She sounds like a he I'm talking of the daughter

  83. Michael Gbala

    Michael Gbala

    29 dagar sedan

    She sounds like a he I'm talking of the daughter

  84. Sad doot

    Sad doot

    29 dagar sedan

    Shark dads sun legit is like such a fucking dipshit

  85. Ruby Bunny

    Ruby Bunny

    Månad sedan

    Is the farm one a reference or something?

  86. Juan Yarrito

    Juan Yarrito

    Månad sedan

    I love rainy day!!!

  87. Beemer Bam

    Beemer Bam

    Månad sedan

    Who else got attack on titan vibes from the first story

  88. Davian Clarke

    Davian Clarke

    Månad sedan

    Man, i wish my dad was here instead of being at the grocery store I wonder when he'll be back🤔

  89. GMD FireNationPlayz

    GMD FireNationPlayz

    Månad sedan

    The but

  90. Drakovijas


    Månad sedan

    Killgore is still better CG then the bezerk reboot

  91. Travis Cruz

    Travis Cruz

    Månad sedan

    The first one is just sad

  92. CLOYD TV


    Månad sedan

    If i am sharkrad, i'm about to blow the city

  93. undertale fangirls

    undertale fangirls

    Månad sedan

    Killgore scares me more then my sleep paralysis demon

  94. zae monk

    zae monk

    Månad sedan

    homestead background music gave me real Last of us vibes

  95. Elliott The Gamer

    Elliott The Gamer

    Månad sedan

    8:10 omg poor kids

  96. Mekhi Curry

    Mekhi Curry

    Månad sedan


  97. Mekhi Curry

    Mekhi Curry

    Månad sedan


  98. Briana Gonzalez

    Briana Gonzalez

    Månad sedan

    In the first short what song was that??

  99. Wuft Chan

    Wuft Chan

    Månad sedan

    1:15 they didnt touch the house they could have all been safe in there

  100. SuperNormie


    Månad sedan

    Sharkrad was so close to having his sons approval wrf